AI driven sensory data to power your decisions.

We deliver the only truly portable sensory system which provides real-time GDPR safe object, people and situation detection and analysis.

We are your relentless digital eyes that do not need any rest.

From simple to install, relocate and operate sensors to ready to go reports and alerts, VisionCraft helps organizations and municipalities to make decisions based on facts, not feelings.

Our product portfolio

Find where VisionCraft can help you see the data from the places and objects you need to monitor most. 
AI powered analysis of situations on roads, streets, and in other public spaces. A complete hardware and software solution.
Real-time insights on any moving object with battery powered mobile edge sensors. No wires necessary!
Onboard sensors providing instant up-to-date information from roads about their pavement quality and road assets around.
Turn your current stupid cameras into smart sensors analysing their footage and providing real-time data. Simple plug-n-play solution!