Seasoned entrepreneurial and research enthusiasts - that is VisionCraft.

Hello, we’re VisionCraft.

We love using technology to make things right and bright. Sick of overpriced one-purpose solutions, we play with the absolute top of AI, mostly in the field of computer vision, to bring to market solutions that spew out awesome data in a matter of minutes after deployment.

Though we are a very young company, the number of products and solutions we took to market in the past 30 years is well into the hundreds. We keep asking every day - why is there a single purpose camera or a sensor on this bike path to count cyclists? Why are there guys in yellow jackets along the road with
We do not see VisionCraft as a company really, but as an AI platform to launch the most effective and green data collection solutions to the masses.
Robert Pinkas, CEO

Our story

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Showcase apps with UI Snippets
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Make it yours
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The awesome VisionCraft team

Robert Pinkas
Business & Strategy
Michal Procházka
Roman Valla
David Tuč
Petra Budíková
Data analytics, R&D
Pavol Pľuta
Daniel Kouřil
Technology advisor
Martin Palik
Development, R&D
Ondřej Raul
Product Management, Design
Pavel Habarta
Business Development
Erik Horváth
Václav Holub
Vít Kouřil

A little more about us.

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