Smart city

We perceive Smart cities as a connected ecosystem, where continuous innovation helps improve the quality of life of residents. Take advantage of the newest technology trends and capabilities to create a truly Smart city.

What and how do we do


By using existing cameras or by quickly deploying our edge, autonomous optical sensors we transform the image source to a privacy safe data with the state-of-the-art AI algorithms.


Object data (metadata) are further processed, and the results organized and displayed online or directly in your existing reporting platform. All in real time, without any complex setup needed.


The outputs are used to identify problems (increased frequency of truck traffic, dangerous places for pedestrians, ...) and correct them. Clients for instance measure the usage of a specific road by cyclists and then recommend the creation of new bike lanes in places where it matters most.

We give data real meaning

We can further enrich the collected information with relevant 3rd party data from the monitored location, such as the amount of precipitation, wind speed, air temperature or air quality. This provides crucial relevancy to the causality of changes in the object’s behavior.
Other benefits

What can we detect

We are monitoring

And many more…

We answer questions

How many cars flow through a given location and in which directions?
How many vans pass in front of the school in the morning?
Don't trucks drive in sections where they are not allowed?
And many more…

We are monitoring

And many more…

We answer questions

In which direction do pedestrians most often move?
Where do cyclists ride? Where do we build a bicycle lane?
Do people cross the road in places where it is dangerous?
And many more…

We are monitoring

Horizontal and vertical cracks
Manhole covers
And many more…

We answer questions

Is the condition of the road still satisfactory?
Is the manhole cover in place?
What is the progression of potholes in a given location?
And many more…

We are monitoring

In-out parking areas
Detached parking areas
K+R parking lots
And many more…

We answer questions

How many and what types of vehicles are parking in my street or lot?
Who is who? Detect, record, inform, educate.
What is the average parking time at K+R parking lots spaces?
And many more…
Road quality
Parking and parking areas

What you get with us

Privacy comes first. Always

Absolute respect for privacy is everything to us. We never identify individuals, license plates, keep any personally identifiable information, or store images of any type. We believe in privacy and data security by design.

Fastest setup on the market

Our autonomous sensors are up and running in a matter of hours. No need for structural modifications, digging of connections or other complications. As a true edge computing device, all you need is a minimal power supply.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental friendliness is not just a phrase for us, but a commitment of our long-term sustainable business strategy. According to ISO 14,067, our AI autonomous sensors have 50x lower carbon footprint than conventional CCTV cameras.

On-line AI video analysis

Do you have a video recording that you would like to subject to AI analysis or just want to explore the possibilities that our solution offers? Get instant results with our online AI video analysis.
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Technologies used

To obtain image data within cities and municipalities, we use both the city's existing camera system and our autonomous, edge viSEN sensors. The greatest benefit is their very easy installation, unrivaled environmental friendliness, low power requirements and no optical connectivity requirement. Sensors are mostly mounted to public lighting systems, where the night electrical power provides enough charging energy to keep the sensor running the entire day. The system is installed and running in minutes.

We process image data from already installed cameras using viBOX units, which can handle up to six existing video streams at once. If it is necessary to connect a larger number of cameras, it is possible to use existing hardware (dedicated server at the client side), on which we run all the necessary software detection, analysis, and interpretation.

Obtained results are transferred to a graphic form and displayed clearly online (dashboard) or sent via API to the client’s existing information system. Everything happens in real time, so the results are immediately available to you and are accessible 24/7.

Where they go about it smartly

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