Traffic and roads

Analyze traffic situations and road conditions in real time. From now on, no more unfounded assumptions, but only qualified decisions based on data.

What and how do we do


We use optical sensors to see what moves, how it behaves. Then transform this into digital fingerprints.


Use AI on the data collected to analyze, process and interpret the results and display them graphically online or send them directly to your existing system. Everything happens in real time, without the need to set anything up.


We further enrich the collected data with other relevant information available at the measurement location, such as the amount of precipitation, wind speed, air temperature or air quality.

You do not know what to measure right this time?

We analyze the detailed trajectories of every and each object - you can decide later what to look for.
Other benefits

What can we detect

We are monitoring

And many more…

We answer questions

How many cars flow through a given location and in which directions?
How many vans pass in front of the school in the morning?
Don't trucks drive in sections where they are not allowed?
And many more…

We are monitoring

And many more…

We answer questions

In which direction do pedestrians most often move?
Where do cyclists ride? Where do we build a bicycle lane?
Do people cross the road in places where it is dangerous?
And many more…

We are monitoring

Horizontal and vertical cracks
Manhole covers
And many more…

We answer questions

Is the condition of the road still satisfactory?
Is the manhole cover in place?
What is the progression of potholes in a given location?
And many more…

We are monitoring

In-out parking areas
Detached parking areas
K+R parking lots
And many more…

We answer questions

How many and what types of vehicles are parking in my street or lot?
Who is who? Detect, record, inform, educate.
What is the average parking time at K+R parking lots spaces?
And many more…
Road quality
Parking and parking areas

What you get with us

Privacy First

Absolute respect for privacy is everything to us. We never identify individuals, license plates, keep any personally identifiable information, or store images of any type. We believe in privacy and data security by design.

Fastest setup on the market

Our autonomous sensors are up and running in a matter of hours. No need for structural modifications, digging of connections or other complications. As a true edge computing device, all you need is a minimal power supply.

Actionable Results

We use self-learning AI technologies that adapt to new conditions within a few hours. Thanks to real-time data analysis and our edge computing capability, you receive the outputs you need when it matters to you.

Technologies used

To obtain image data in transport and public space, we can use both an existing camera system and our autonomous viSEN sensors, which are characterized by very easy installation, low consumption and extremely low data transfer requirement. We process image data from already installed cameras using viBOX units, which can process up to six image transmissions at once. If you need to connect more existing cameras, you can use your own hardware (dedicated server).

We analyze the quality of roads using viRAM mobile sensors installed in vehicles. Community data collection makes it possible to effectively monitor the quality and damage of the road network, as well as the condition of road assets such as street signs.

We transfer the results to a graphic form and display them clearly online or send them via API to your existing system. No need to learn new user interfaces or complex setup queries.

Involved partners

The project viRAM is implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Are you interested in our solutions or have further questions?

Write to us. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information to facilitate your decision. We reply promptly.
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