AI video analysis

Minimize the time required for video analysis by using modern technologies and get immediate results you can rely on.

How does it work


Describe your needs

  • Fill in the contact information.
  • Select the desired outcomes of the AI video analysis.
  • Submit the form.

Upload your video

  • We will send you a unique link to upload your video (max. 50 GB).
  • We will check the data and perform a trial AI analysis (approx. 10-15 min).
  • We will send you the result of the trial AI analysis for approval.

Get the report

  • We will perform an AI analysis of the entire video.
  • We process the results of the analysis and create a clear report.
  • We will send you an invoice with payment instructions.

Save on software and labor costs

You no longer need to install any applications or learn to operate specialized software. You don't even have to search hard for results in the raw data these apps produce. Our AI video analysis gets you the results in an understandable format.
I want AI video analysis

What can we detect

We are monitoring

And many more...

We answer questions

How many cars flow through a given location and in which directions?
How many vans pass in front of the school in the morning?
Don't trucks drive in sections where they are not allowed?
And many more...

We are monitoring

And many more...

We answer questions

In which direction do pedestrians most often move?
Where do cyclists ride? Where do we build a bicycle lane?
Do people cross the road in places where it is dangerous?
And many more...

We are monitoring

Horizontal and vertical cracks
Manhole covers
And many more...

We answer questions

Is the condition of the road still satisfactory?
Is the manhole cover in place?
What is the progression of potholes in a given location?
And many more...

We are monitoring

Parkovací plochy in-out
Odstavné plochy
K+R parkoviště
And many more...

We answer questions

How many and what types of vehicles are parking in my street or lot?
Who is who? Detect, record, inform, educate.
What is the average parking time at K+R parking lots spaces?
And many more...
Road quality
Parking and parking areas

What will I get and how much will I pay for it

You get clear answers to your questions. We will provide you with a clearly prepared report with the complete results of the analysis, for a price known in advance.

$20 / hour
video recording

Limited offer -50%

Additional services
according to your needs

No additional or
hidden fees

Example of price calculation

With 10 hours of video delivered, the client chose to analyze the type and count of motor vehicles in and out of his parking for a price of $200.
I want AI video analysis

Inquiry form

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What specifications does the video have to meet?
What video file formats do you support?
What is the maximum size a video can be?
What happens to my video after the analysis?
Where can I find out the exact price?

Didn't find all the answers?

Write to us. We will be happy to provide you with any additional information to facilitate your decision. We reply promptly.
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