Body movement analysis

Rehabilitation exercising can help more than a third of world population to live a better life. With neural networks and AI technology,  we provide access to physical therapy care for anyone from the comfort of their home, but still under the supervision of a physical therapist.

What is VisioTherapy

Introducing the concept of VisioTherapy - revolutionary for real-time support, management and analysis of home exercise.
We make
physical therapy accessible to anyone
AI-driven remote exercise in medical grade precision
materialized into
VisioTherapy app and service.

How does it work


The physical therapist diagnoses the patient, defines the exercises, records the correct execution on the patient's phone or selects predefined exercises from the library.


The patient performs the recommended exercises simply from the comfort of her own home, the VisioTherapy application warns her of any errors or deviations.


Data about the patient's exercise and progress are available online to the physical therapist, who can adjust or better adapt the treatment based on it.

How we analyze the movement of the human body

Using comprehensive AI assisted 3D movement data, we measure the momentum of individual body points, the speed of the exercises, the number of repetitions, etc. We compare the patient's current movement with the stored pattern, thereby detecting and notifying the patient and physiotherapist of the deviations and inaccuracies in the exercise.
What makes us unique

What benefits do we bring


Lack of medical staff
Long waiting periods
Incorrectly performed home exercises
Loss of motivation to exercise
And many more...


Possibility to start exercising immediately after the initial examination.
Exercise from the comfort of your home, at any time, without waiting.
Immediate notification of incorrectly performed exercises.
Exercise plan, reminders about missed exercises, etc.
And many more...


Overcrowded waiting room
No feedback whether the patient is exercising at home
Missing key home exercise data
Limited knowledge of the patient's home exercise progress
And many more...


With VisioTherapy you can serve up to 10x more patients.
The VisioTherapy application records each exercise.
Detailed information about each exercise is available in real time.
Modification of the exercise plan is possible at any time during treatment.
And many more...
For patients
For physical therapists

What makes us unique

No special hardware needed

The VisioTherapy application is designed to run on your smartphone and your physiotherapists PC. No special hardware is needed.

Breathtaking accuracy

We capture data and transform them to 3D motion patterns and then combine multiple AI models. This gives you and the physical therapist the maximum detection accuracy of your exercise.

Privacy Protection

Absolute respect for privacy is everything to us. All processing takes place on the end device, image data is not transferred or stored anywhere. We look at the skeleton - not your face.

Involved partners

The VisioTherapy software is supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic as part of the TREND and SIGMA program, with the participation of Masaryk University.

Are you interested in more information?

Write to us. We will be happy to provide you with additional information about the VisioTherapy application.
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