Remote physical therapy

The capacity of healthcare systems all over the world has exceeded and this will only worsen due to the aging population and medical staff shortage.

To fight this trend we intensively work on solutions which increase about 100 times capacity of physiotherapeutic and post surgery rehabilitation treatment. At the same time it reduces about 10 times the necessity of patients to physically see their doctor.

How we do it

We deliver software applications to patients which they can run on their laptop or mobile phone equipped with a camera. They exercise in front of it and the technology takes care of ensuring the exercise is done correctly. All of it is performed in real time and in a privacy protecting manner (no photos or videos are stored or shared).

We deliver data to doctors about how their patients exercise, the progress they make and identify situations when the doctor should see the patient again.


Patient journey


The patient sees his doctor for the first time (e.g. after a shoulder surgery). The doctor precisely demonstrates to the patient how to exercise. The doctor uses our software to capture the exercise demonstration and shares the application with the patient.


The patient installs our application and logs in to his account.


The patient exercises at home in front of a mobile phone or computer camera according to instructions from their physician.


The patient is immediately provided with corrective feedback whenever he doesn’t exercise according to instructions or doesn’t fulfill exercise plans.


Data about the patient's progress, issues, mistakes in exercises and more are shared with the doctor in realtime in the background.


Only if there are any issues with progress or exercising, or the exercise plan is completed the doctor calls the patient to see each other physically.

The magic behind

Through our technology we detect skeletons in moving human bodies, measure bones, measure angles between bones, detect rotations, movement velocity and much more. All of it we do to detect movements, precision of how they are conducted, and health-hazard cases.

Our technology has been verified and compared to manual measurements with body protractor while demonstrating higher accuracy to this traditional method.

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