Know more with viSEN.

Through AI powered analysis of situations on roads, streets, and in other public spaces.

Your digital data eyes made to support your decision making.

Get data exceeding your expectations.
viSEN unique algorithms detect more than you can imagine to answer questions you don’t even think about.
Install swiftly and get data right away.
The battery-powered viSEN if fully portable, just select a place, install in half an hour and watch the data appear in a dashboard.
Day or night, rainy or shiny day.
viSEN works anywhere you need it and it’s unique algorithms are capable to deal with harsh weather conditions.
Fits your infrastructure.
Do you have a camera infrastructure in place? Great, then we’ll turn your current cameras into smart sensors with our viBOX.
“viCAM took our decision making about public space transformation to a next level.”
Král Jelimán
Public space office @ Brno, Czech Republic.

Simple service business model

We'll equip you with hardware and software, and take care for configuration and training.
Then you pay a monthly subscription covering all of it. The price varies by the number of sensors provided.

Get data exceeding your expectations.

viSEN detects objects (such as humans, vehicles, animals and more), categorises them, monitors their trajectories and other characteristics. All of it happens in real-time right in the sensor or alternatively in the viBOX.

We don’t store any imagery or video data in order to maintain privacy and meet GDPR regulations. The way the scene reality is transformed into metadata and the way it’s stored enables you to revisit the data anytime later with a different research question.

Install swiftly and get data right away.

viSEN is battery powered and equipped with LTE module, which means its fully portable and installation is as easy as hanging a picture frame. Get one viSEN or a few so you can monitor usage of bike lanes in the city, monitor flows of people at a station or evaluate traffic in various spots.

The unique self-learning ability enables viSEN to adapt quickly to new a location or sub-optimal placement, without bothering you with manual configurations.

Day or night, rainy or shiny day.

The worst thing which happens to many computer vision projects is that they deliver solid accuracy in laboratory conditions only, but when deployed in real world conditions they fail to deliver reliable data.

We invested significant efforts into making our solution super-reliable. That included usage of special algorithms helping us deal with suboptimal or reduced visibility, shaking camera and more bad conditions. These algorithms coupled with the self-learning and re-learning ability makes our technology a true detection beast.

Fits your infrastructure.

Our sensors can fit into your existing infrastructure while having minimal technical and installation requirements. Data can be either visualised in our user interface or sent through APIs to your systems for further processing and visualisation.

In case you already have one or multiple cameras observing spaces of your interest then we can use them! We’ll turn your existing cameras into smart sensors with our viBOX. This smart hardware piece takes care for real-time analysis of footage from multiple cameras. Check out viBOX product page for more info.

Some other benefits you’ll enjoy.

Multi-purpose technology
Single technology utilised for multi-situational and multi-purpose data collection.
GDPR and personal privacy safe
Our solution is GDPR and personal privacy safe as we don’t store or transfer images or video.
Minimized carbon footprint
We minimise the CO2 emissions thanks to low-power devices and minimal data transfers.
Infrastructure independence
Our solution eliminates expensive or invasive installations (no dedicated cabling, no 24/7 electricity need)
Real-time processing
Signal (video, audio, thermo, laser) is processed in real-time by either built-in or standalone computing unit (Edge technology, IoT device) with minimal energy consumption (under 5W)
Self-learning ability
Self-learning and re-learning ability of detection algorithms reduce costly human configurations.